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What’s for Dinner Tonight?


What’s for Dinner Tonight?

Linda Ferraro Hyden

Owner of the Sauce of Sicily

Satisfy your Italian pasta cravings with the Sauce of Sicily in Chandler, Arizona!Authentic and homemade, the sauce I make is based on an old family recipe which traces its roots back to Italy. They are canned into quart-sized jars with flavorful Italian sausages inside. You’re sure to love every forkful bite. Keep exploring my website to learn about this zesty sauce and how you can order.

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Satisfy your Italian cravings with the Sauce of Sicily! Authentic and homemade, the sauce I make is based on an old secret family recipe which traces its roots back to Sicily, Italy. The sauce is preserved into quart-sized jars with flavorful Italian sausages throughout (there is a vegetarian option as well). You’re sure to love every bite. Keep exploring this website to learn more about the history of the sauce, my own biography and how you can enjoy an authentic Italian meal on your dinner table. 

The Story Behind the Recipe

In the early 1900s, my grandmother, Josephine Giacomarra, left her home in Sicily, Italy to come to the United States. Josephine met and married Serifino (Sam) Ferraro Sr., my grandfather.  

Grandma Josephine brought with her from Italy the love of her heritage and family as well as the joy and excitement of starting her new life here in the United States.  My own father, Sam Ferraro, Jr., was the eldest son in their family of nine.

Grandma Ferraro also brought with her the recipes she grew up with in Sicily, which she then passed down to her son and her grandchildren. The recipe for  Sauce of Sicily came from Grandma Josephine and it remains a Ferraro family secret.

While the recipe is a secret, I still wanted to be able to share this delicious  Sauce of Sicily with everyone!  And that's how it all began.....

My Story 

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. One would wonder what Wisconsin has to do with Italy.  Well ... let me tell you where it all began. My grandparents immigrated to the United States and arrived here on a boat from Italy. During that era, one of the major ports was a harbor in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  My grandparents Josephine and Serifino (Sam) Ferraro Sr. met on that boat, fell in love, and married. Together, they had seven children. They loved their family and their new life here in the United States.  At one time, the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin was almost 90% Italian.

My grandparents still cherished the traditions they brought with them from their home country. This included their pasta sauce and many more original recipes.  I remember Grandma Josephine in the kitchen making homemade meatballs, sauce and bread which she baked in the oven.  As for the Sauce of Sicily, the aroma was tantalizing. My grandfather grew his own tomatoes as well as his own grapevines. He grew grapes which he used to make his own wine. In his basement, there was a large wine vat where they stomped and aged grapes that eventually turned into a sweet Italian wine.  In that same basement, there were so many clotheslines. However, they were not for clothes, they were for hanging and drying the homemade pasta noodles. My grandmother made such a variety of noodles, not only spaghetti but also ravioli, farfalle, rigatoni, and her famous lasagna.  The smells and sounds of hot bubbly sauce hung in the air. We loved going there every Sunday afternoon. 

I was the eldest daughter in our family of nine. I learned at a very early age not only how to peel potatoes and help with the laundry, but I learned how to make that now famous Sauce of Sicily.  We made it every week.

As an adult, I continued making the Sauce of Sicily and other Italian specialties for friends and neighbors, relatives, and guests. This led to people asking me to make the sauce for them.  At first, I would freeze it, but that wasn't very versatile for sharing with others. This compelled me to research on how to preserve the sauce.  At first, I began giving the Sauce of Sicily to just a few friends and neighbors as a gift. However, this led to more and more requests, and the demand for the Sauce of Sicily continued to grow.  I started selling them at Holiday Bazaars and different venues. I’m so pleased that so many people were enjoying this sauce. 

This is the reason I have launched this website. I am excited to continue the tradition from my Grandma Josephine Ferraro, so people can enjoy the flavors of an authentic homemade Italian Sauce of Sicily.   Mangia! 

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